Friday, October 7, 2011

Face Painting Frenzy - Intro

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Are you ready to get creative and have some fun? 
Welcome to Face Painting Frenzy...
 a Halloween Series I have been so excited to host here on T & B.
  In the next week or two we will explore some fun face painting ideas to use for yourself and your little ones as we get ready to
trick or treat!

I luv paint... any type and form and body/face paint is no exception.  My kids could tell ya that!  I am not a pro -  I do not make a business of it, I just like to do it!  Body art is beautiful, tattoos are great, but paint washes off (and it doesn't hurt)!

As we get started creating some awesome face art you may want to pick up a few supplies to follow along.  To keep costs low we will use only a minimum of supplies: paint, makeup sponges, and some paint brushes (liner & flat).

There are many types of paints available to use for both ametuer and professional face painting.  This week I will be using a mix of a few paints readily available at your local craft store, department store and even the corner pharmacy as the Hallowed Holiday approaches.

It is extremely important to use only a paint specifically formulated for use on the skin! 

Acrylic paint may be non-toxic but is NOT for use on the body.

I will be using cream face paint in white from a tube.
White Face Paint
I will also be using paint pots like these shown below which are water based.  I will be using very little to none of the popular grease based paints available which is just a matter of preference for me.
Face Paint Pots-basics

Cheap cosmetic sponges can be picked up from the dollar store and the liner and flat paint brushes can be found at your local craft store.
Don't spend alot, don't stress out, don't try to be exact!
Remember this is supposed to be fun!

This week we will be exploring some popular kid favorites.

Panda Bear

Spider Man

Cat and Dog



I would love to get your ideas on what we should paint.
What creative creatures would you like to have covered here on Tiaras and Bowties? 
Send me your requests. 
 If there is enough interest we can keep this going all the way til Halloween!

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we feature the
Panda Bear Face!

1 comment:

Emily said...

My oldest wants to be an army guy for halloween I would love to know how to paint his face for that. I am of course really excited to see the spiderman one. My shortman will love it!

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