Saturday, October 8, 2011

Face Painting Frenzy - Kitty Cat

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I'm so excited to get started exploring some quick and easy face painting ideas for Halloween.

Today we have a cute & quick kitty cat!
(we've moved the panda back a little later in the week) 

Don't Miss the Fun!

 In our house we dabble with face paint on and off throughout the year. It's kinda funny because the kids actually get tired of it now. A year or so ago they were thrilled to have a mommy who would paint their faces pretty much any time they asked.

Now, please remember if you are going to try to replicate any of the 'faces' shown here...
Do NoT get hung up on perfection.
Kid's squirm and move, they laugh, the make faces.
Make it fun for both you and your child!

Ms Boom Boom is our model today!
This kid cracks me up!
(she squirms a lot and laughs constantly!)

1. Using a brush and some white paint, begin by painting 2 triangles above both eyebrows to create the ears.  Connect both ears with smaller shorter triangles across the forehead to create some fur.  Continue down and across the nose finishing with a rounded 'C' and backwards 'C' onto the cheeks.

2. Fill in each ear with pink using your brush.  Simply make a smaller triangle in pink above each eyebrow.  Fill the tip of nose with a pink oval or upside down triangle for the kitty's pink nose.

3.  Using a liner brush and my black paint pot paint, place 3 small dots under each nostril above the upper lip line.  Place 3 lines on each cheek for whiskers.  Start at the inside of each cheek and drag the brush gently out towards the ears. 

It does not have to be perfect!
See how much fun she had...

4.  Next, simply outline the ears and fur triangles with black paint.  Outline the pink of the ears, nose, and under the bottom lip as well.  Paint a thicker line from the center of the bottom of the nose down to the top of the upper lip.

Feel free to add any extra details you might want.  Change up the colors too!  Make a black cat with bright pink ears, nose, and lips and outline in white to make the black pop!

Check out her "serious face" for Mommy's blog!

We added some extra 'hair' under the outer edge of each ear and to the chin.

Alexis and I hope you enjoyed our first Face Painting Frenzy Day!

We would love to know what you think
(please be gentle)
Let us know what other face painted designs you would like to see covered here.
What do your children plan on being for Halloween?
Will you be painting any little faces?

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Amy said...

Cute! I looove painting 3 yr old doesn't sit still long enough for me to do much though. :) Would you link up here?

Emily said...

That looks cute dang to bad I only have boys and they dont want to be kittys because that's really adorable! Hmm... how about a dog I could totally make the little man a dog for Halloween.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

This is such a great post! I love that you showed such a great technique. It looks great.

Thanks for linking this up to my Monster Mash Bash!

Kelley @ said...

(found ya on a link party)
Thats one cute cat :) Love the tutorial.. thank you!

turue sona said...

Thank you Mr. Dos Santos! I'm still so green in this art thing that I'll wait (and work my tail off whhile doing so) before I establish any kind of a web presence. But in the near future, when I've cranked out enough decent pieces for a portfolio, I'm going to follow these instructions of yours.
glitter tattoos

Unknown said...

Make sure you point out to people to only use cosmetic grade paint and NOT ACRYLIC PAINT! 😊

Unknown said...

Make sure you point out to people to only use cosmetic grade paint and NOT ACRYLIC PAINT! 😊

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