Tuesday, July 24, 2012

T4 and Features!

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hello lovelies!!  welcome to tip-toe thru tuesday co-hosted by myself and Andie from Crayon Freckles.

this Friday on Crayon Freckles and Tiaras and Bowties is gonna be awesome! we are both participating in Crayon Freckles' 2nd Blog carnival. the topic of this one is Special Needs: Living Life Special. participants in the blog carnival are bloggers from all over sharing their experiences as parents/teachers of special needs children or others who are sharing how special needs have affected their life. please stop back on Friday to read these informative, heart-warming stories. 
here are the toP 2 pOSts from 2 weeks ago plus one of mY faVEs. don't forget to check out Andie's fave over at Crayon Freckles. if you're featured, grab a fEAtuRed button from my button page!
DIY Stamp Printing Artwork from HighHill Homeschooling
Toddler Activities from The Chirping Moms
baseball cuff bracelet tutorial All Star Game 2012

PoST aNYtHiNG you've created (show me some etsy shops and giveaways!)

Feel free to share several posts

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Stay around and check out a few other links. wE aLL LovE fEEdBaCK!
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Meegan said...

Thanks for hosting each week, and I am looking forward to Friday! Sounds incredible!

Kathy Moody said...

Thank you so much for another great party!! HUGS :)

Hubba said...

I'm a new follower! Thanks for hosting

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