Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sparkle Worthy or Exploitation?

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You may have already powered up your lap top or opened your daily news paper to read the"Sparkle" Worthy News that DC Kids Swimwear designer Dolores Cortes has chosen a model with Down Syndrome for the cover of her 2013 ad...

Valentina Guerrero, 10 months old, will be the face of DC Kids, the children’s line from Spanish designer Dolores Cortes

I have to tell you that at first glimpse, this adorably chubby little girl, Valentina Guerrero, stole my heart.  The news that DC Kids had chosen to feature her as the 'face' of their newest ad had me gleaming with joy.  What a victory for those with disability of any type!  Hope for a future with acceptance of our kids who may be 'different' in any way is on the horizon; I thought.  Definitely the type of message I want my daughter to cherish... something to ignite that Sparkle!

This glorious announcement is now being followed by ridicule and nit picking that this blogging momma finds disgusting...

{via Huff Post's FB page}

Many find this designers choice of a disabled model to be Exploitation.  Cynicism is running rampant that the company is 'using' this little girl as bait for attention by placing her on the cover and not subtly just sticking her somewhere on a back page of their catalog not to call attention to the fact that she has a special need.   Some are calling into question the need for toddler and baby swimwear...
as if the whole idea of babies and tots in bathing suits is somehow disgusting and wrong.
S.E.Smith of XoJane even states,
"the fact that once Valentina is no longer sufficiently cute, she'll be out of work."

Despite all of these attempts by the press, social Media, and nay sayers... This Momma thinks this is a Sparkle Worthy Victory!

Truth be told, my daughter is a bit too big for toddler swimsuits and we will not be purchasing one due to that fact, but I hope DC Kids sells a ton of them... thousands, millions even.

I commend DC Kids for choosing a face with Down Syndrome to grace their swimsuit cover.  Furthermore, I really don't give a darn if the whole thing was an attempt for 'look at us' exposure for the brand... because in my eyes it surely makes a statement... a miraculous statement... for all children with special needs and their families that they are beautiful and worthy of recognition!  My hope is that more and more companies, catalogs, and magazines will embrace difference and portray more than photo shopped images of perfection?

What are your thoughts? 

Has little Valentina given us hope and a chance to shine... or should the company be ridiculed for Exploitation?

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Dona said...

Hurray for them. There is nothing wrong with her just because she is born differently. Why not feature her. What is wrong is the people complaining about it!


Emily said...

How can they say that she's a child like any other child so who's to say she can't be on the cover. If they are going to say that they might as well say it about all kids. Gee people get a life. They just want something to gripe about. I think she's adorable and way to go for putting her on the cover.

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