Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet & Sassy Zebra cake- a closer look at our Sweet 16

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As my kids get older, the realization that themed birthday parties are going to soon be a thing of the past for me... I just love a good party, so that makes me sad. 

Although, regrets are a plenty for years gone by that we were unable to afford big extravagant parties with all the decor and grandeur this momma has learned a few tricks over the years to get a nice bang for just a little buck.  This is seen in Boom's Sweet 16 that I gave you a quick glimpse of last week.  Almost everything was found at our local Dollar or Discount Stores so as not to break the bank.  Let's look a bit closer at some of details used, shall we?

Our faux plank topped painted table was pushed up against the large monster of a hutch in my dining room, and both were draped with plastic table cloths from the dollar store.  Two white rounds were placed on the table offset as to hit the floor on all sides and 2 long pink rectangular plastic clothes were attached to the hutch with tape.  In a world with no budgets I would have ultimately chosen to use fabric... for the plastic was a bit sheer.  Another long pink cloth was split up the middle and draped across the top as an accent, also taped and allowed to drape and swag.  Boom and I had made some simple paper bunting banners draped on pink ribbon, paper flowers, and a large monogram 'A' with my Silhouette Cameo-  which we also taped to the backdrop.  I have no more pink paper left in my stash but hey it was for a good cause!

Our painted "Never let anyone ever dull your Sparkle" sign was placed leaning on the table and added a nice sentimental pop of pink!

The cake took center stage in our Sassy and Sweet pink zebra themed party.  A basket was flipped over and draped with {you guessed it} more pink plastic tablecloth to allow our cake to rise to center stage.  After all, what's a Sweets themed party without the sweets?   Boom wanted carrot cake, her favorite, so the top tier of the cake was carrot as she wished.  The bottom tier was more of a crowd favorite... a simple vanilla.  Yes... we made the cake together!

The fun part was adding the sugar sheets we had purchased from the craft store's Wilton isle in black and white zebra and a hot pink and black swirl.  If you have not yet tried this stuff...let me tell you it is sooo simple to work with!  Using plain old scissors we were able to cut them down to size to wrap the iced cake, alternating bands of both to decorate the sides.  You can even use your paper punches with this stuff... this will be my new 'go to' easy decor secret for cakes here!  I'm very aware that my top tier was a bit... lopsided... but no one else seemed to notice {yippee}.  A last minute idea to plop those giant pink daisies into the cake seems to add a little more Wimsey.

For those who had a bit of adventure, we whipped up some pink lemonade cupcakes with pink frosted tops... another Boom Favorite.  The cupcakes were simply spread out around the base of the raised cake.  Yummmm.

Hosting and decorating a party does not have to cost a fortune.  Come back later this week for a closer look at some of the other touches we added to make this day simply special!

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Christy said...

What a cute party! I'm a fan of PINK! ;) Finally making it over to follow...I thought I had already done it. Gesh.

Feral Turtle said...

I love pink too! What an awesome party you put together for your daughter! Happy birthday to her. Cheers.

andie jaye said...

i sooo love that cake! you seriously could do this as a side business! sounds like you guys had fun making the cake!

Tiffany said...

Such a pretty table and treats! They look amazing.

Stopping by from tiptoe thru tuesday.

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