Monday, January 30, 2012

Who's calling please?

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The kids have been practicing very hard for the Variety Show coming up this weekend.  I'm still trying to come up with quick and easy items to create for some stage decor which 'scream' 1980's.  Remember, I am it when it comes to the stage props... talk about a wee bit of stress!  Anyhow, while waiting in line at the post office today to send a few orders out I found myself staring at the wall of priority boxes ... and had an idea [well 2 but we'll save one for another time]. 

The shape of the box reminded me of the great big old Cell phones when they first made the scene in the 80's.  I could picture it in my head, with great big old neon buttons.  I grabbed 2 boxes from the wall for my crafting pleasure.  Heck, they are going to save me a trip around town from store to store looking for empty boxes to use. 

Postal Box Before

Now I must say I wouldn't make a habit out of taking postal boxes for my crafting pleasure [they charge an arm and a leg just to send a package now and I wouldn't want to be the cause of raising prices any further] but for today, it served a purpose and it's been a rough couple of weeks!

After assembly, one of the boxes received a nice coat of seal gray paint.  And the fun began.  I want the props to be big and fun for the show not exactly realistic!  The kids had tons of fun passing this around the living room asking each other is they needed to make a phone call.

Postal Box After

Alexis was laughing and saying over and over, 'Who's calling please?'  But she wouldn't let me post her photo here because she was having a bad hair day!  Imagine that... Boom is growing up!

I cannot wait for the show this weekend!

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