Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback to the 80's

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I've been given 10 days {well really 8 3/4 days} to prepare the set for Awesome's elementary Variety Show.  In the beginning of the year, I offered to help with set prep and design 'cause that's what I like to do... paint, decorate, and basically step out on the limb for my kids!  I was given the go ahead this past Tuesday to 'have at it'!  Apparently, no one else volunteered to help... so I get to the whole darn thing!

Which, to be quite honest, scares the CRAPola outta ME!

Yes, yes I know... it's elementary school not Hollywood, but I want it to look nice!

So I've been wracking my brain for all things 80's and painting like a fool in between about a ton of other things going on!  I remember roller skating my life away back then... wearing crazy colorful neon clothing and BIG hair!  So I just finished this,

At the suggestion of another Mom, the movie Ghost Busters was big back then, so I sketched this from an old movie poster,

Finished late last night...

So, I have until next Friday to complete some more props for the big show!  I have some more ideas BUT I need your input!  What images come to your mind when you Flash Back to the 80's ?

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andie jaye said...

sending you an email with some ideas!

Angela @ The Not So Functional Housewife said...

Love the way your roller skate and ghost busters picture came out! Too cute! The 80's was awesome!

I can't wait to see how it all turns out!


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