Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Stashbusting - Cozy Sweater Pillow

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Oh Baby it's so good to be back!  After a week from YoU KnoW WherE... I have another Stashbusting September, repurpose, reuse project to share with you today.  It's perfect for those chilly days and nights we will all be seeing soon or when you just need to snuggle up all cozy like and hide under a blanket!

quick update, Alexis is well although we found no reason for the headaches yet (frustrating) but no excess water on the brain this time (good thing)!  She is back in school after missing 5 days.  My mom is still in the hospital, she had a bad bacterial infection in her lungs and was diagnosed with Atrial Fib and Diabetes.  Praying for her return home in the next few days or so.

Now you may not remember, waaaaaay back in April I purchased those few sweaters from a local thrift store on the CHeAP here.  Now, believe it or not, I have not done a thing with them yet
(I know...shocker, right?) 

The mood struck so I went with it and decided to make the bigger white sweater into a nice cozy pillow.  I'm a hugger.  So much so that my kids (at times) tell me to 'get off' (oh so lovingly).  If I'm in a chair or curled up on the couch... I need a pillow to hug and cuddle with.  (oh poor me!)

So first things first after washing and drying it, I simply laid it out flat.
(Why I felt you needed to see a photo of that... I really don't know!)

Using a pillow I had picked up for oh I think $2.49 I eyeballed the square I would need to cut from the sweater to make the cover and cut it out.  I used both the front and back torso section of the sweater.

You see the cutout portion of the sweater below.  Take out the handy dandy sewing machine and simply sew all four sides (right sides togeather).   If you are not a sewer, simply use a long length of coordinating yarn to whipstich your sides togeather.   You do not need to leave a side open for stuffing the pillow because the front buttons are still there to open and close.

*helpful hint:  Remove the top and bottom buttons from the square you cut so you do not break all of your sewing needles as you accidentally try to sew over them ... not that I did that or anything... yeah right!

When sewn simply unbutton, flip right side out, stuff with a pillow form and


Instant, comfy cozy sweater pillow!

Bonus: It's easy to take off and throw in the washer whenever needed!

I can't leave you today without extending some huge Thank You Hugs!

Hugs and Welcome to some new followers I see, so glad to have you here!

Hugs and Luvs to all of you who keep coming back and visiting Tiaras and Bowties...especially when I need to bug out for a while and deal with the medical issues of my daughter and family!
I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for you all!

Hugs and Thanks to Emily from Insanity Rules for allowing me to participate in her Birthday Giveaway last week (and for taking over the giveaway on her blog while I dealt with my family issues)!  Em, you are the BesTesT!!!


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Hi, Kim! Thanks so much for your sweet encouraging comments today! I so appreciate them! I was just thinking about these sweater pillows this week. I've never made one but I've been wanting to. Love how you incorporated the sweet little buttons into your pillow. You've got me thinking I need to do this soon!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

This turned out very huggable looking :). I hope your mom's feeling decent...

customteddys said...

Great idea for a pillow! Take care, Vicki

D @ The Shady Porch said...

Kim, I love the sweater pillow. So cool that you can take it off too! Nice!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Love the sweater pillow! Great job :)

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