Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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Well hello Lovlies! 

         InSaNiTY !

                                That's how my weeks going!

I am participating in Emily's 30th Birthday Giveway this week over at Insanity Rules!

I am thrilled to be offering this sweet crazy little guy to celebrate!

Please head over to Insanity Rules right now to get the details. 

Emily is such a doll!  She has offered to post and run this giveaway for me there...

My daughter Alexis has been suffering from headaches from her Pseudotumor cerebri for a bit and is going under anesthesia tomorrow for a procedure, then... my Mom was rushed and admitted to a different hospital this afternoon.  To say I am exhausted, nervous, anxious, and a bit scatterbrained right now is an understatement! 

So please head over to Insanity Rules and visit Emily... I promise you will not be disappointed!

1 comment:

Mindie Hilton said...

Heading there now,super cute. Hope your daughter is feeling better, I will help Emily promote it too.

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