Friday, September 2, 2011

Crafting with a Cause

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I'm taking a break today from Stashbusting September to share with you a crafter with a cause.

As the mother of a daugher with special needs I am fully aware of the joy that child can bring.
I am also fully aware of the emotional, physical and financial strain that can result as well.

I'm honored to have Emily from Insanity Rules here today to announce the opening of and story behind
Shaye Lee's Place on Etsy!
Please take a moment to get to know Emily then head on over to her family's new shop!
Hello there Tiara and Bow Tie readers. I'm Emily from Insanity Rules and I'm stopping by today to tell you about the new etsy shop set up by my mom, sister, and I.  Sometimes in life we are given the opportunity to join
together and help others in their lives. In July of this year a ray of sunshine
joined our family. My niece Shaye Lee was born. Shaye Lee was born with a
condition known as ABS, Amniotic Band Syndrome.  It has caused abnormalities in her little hands.   With the cost of many surgeries
and the hospital which is over two hours away, the expenses for my brother and
his little family will be great. So many family members and friends wanted to
know how they could help, and thus Shaye Lee’s Place came to be. A way to
help.  100 percent of the profits
from the shop will be put into Shaye’s medical account. The Items in our shop
have been handmade by me, my mom, sister and special friends.

We offer a variety of items such as 

Fabulous jewelry

Also some great baby gifts like rag blankets and these fun tutus.

As well as some great home decor for any wall in your house.

At Shaye Lee's Place we are bringing
some Quality handmade goodness to you and in return you are blessing our “Little
Sunshine” and her family.  Thanks Kim for letting me share my shop with you and your readers. Please stop by and check us out. We also do custom tutus and word frames. Just let us know if your looking for something specific we love to help people out. Have a wonderful day y'all!

Thank you for allowing me to share your story and the incredible work you are doing for your neice!
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