Saturday, November 27, 2010

Football! It's for the BIRDS...

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Sadly, baseball season is over.  I actually really liked watching my 'little man' Austin play little league.  He even played fall ball well into October.  He's pretty good at it.  There's nothing like watching your children succeed at a team sport.  His nickname was Awsome Austin!

I luv luv luv baseball.

I never really even liked it...til he came along.

Never like watching it on TV.  Never new the players, the teams...long and drawn out I thought.

That all changed due to him.  Countless hours watching our home town Phillies play.  LUVED the few times I actually had the chance to take him to the ball park to watch it live (thanks ASD) !

Now it's cold.  Winter's fast approaching.  Looking forward to some pretty white snow.  Looking forward to Santa's arrival in less than 30 days.  The one thing I NEVER looked forward to was football.

Again, though...til Austin came along.
I can't lie... part of me still cringes at the thought...

Football is for the birds...

The Philadelphia Eagles Birds that is!

Although I still do not understand ONE thing about the game, except a touchdown... Austin's luv of the game inspired me to paint this rocking horse.

It's a one of a kind children's rocker just waiting for some little guy's name (or girl).  All work is personalized free if wanted!

Perhaps I learn to really love the game like I do baseball.  I need to buy a book from the Dummies Series to explain all the 'down' crap.

For now, I'll just use the inspiration to paint a few more items!

Go Birds!

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