Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Wedding Cake Poll

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I've been asked to create a Traditional Wedding Cake for a Christmas Wedding.  Very Exciting...fun..can't wait!

Bride and Groom would like a traditional 3 layer Christmas themed cake, done in traditional red, green & white.

Perhaps some roses and greenery,  maybe some poinsettias... oh what do I want to do?

I would like your help on this one!

I would really like to have your opinions peeps!
I have browsed the internet for some inspiration since I have not done a Christmas cake.  I have lots & lots of ideas...but as usual the hardest part is narrowing it down.

So, here are some of my favs...

Cake #1 - Traditional 3 tier white buttercream w/ poinsettias.
I don't care for the topper used on this one, that would have to go. 

Cake #2 -  Gift box cake.  Red & white fondant w/ lots of details.  No green though.  I like this so it's in the running but not really my fav.  Also not so traditional as weddings go, also would be a little bit pricier.

Cake #3 - This one is my absolute FAV!  It screams winter.  It screams Christmas to me.  I luv the way the artist applied the butter cream icing, reminds me of snow for some reason.  Luv the red & white roses,  I could actually make mine from sugar dough instead of real... A topper would look lovely instead of the flowers on top.

Cake #4 -  Simple traditional 3 tier w/ fondant & red ribbon.  Elegant and beautiful.

So, which is your FAV?

Again, none of these cakes are my creations
as for inspiration purposes,  they are all gorgeous.

Which would you choose?

I would really appreciate your input.  Leave me a comment, send me some new inspiration, wish me a Merry Christmas...
(If my Bride & Groom are reading this...let me know your thoughts too)

Vote for a cake.

#1- Poinsettia & Butter cream Cake
 #2- Gift Box Cake    
             #3- Winter Wonderland Cake             
#4- Elegant Ribbons Cake


Tiaras & Bow Ties said...

Testing the comment box!

JennA said...

Kim, #3 is my favorite too. Looks like a winter wonderland.

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