Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to Tiaras & Bow Ties

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Welcome to Tiaras & Bow Ties.  This is my special little world where everyone should feel magical & special.  This is where girls should put on their Tiara & their TuTu & dance happily thru the meadows.  Where little boys should wear their Bow Ties with pride!  Every prince & princess should grow up feeling that dreams come true.  A place where pink flowers & castles dot every corner... a knight in shining armour waits to give her that special kiss...
Oh, ok... a little stange?

I know.

I do love the enchanting...the whimsical
It is my Blog ya know.

I am so sorry, really.  I want to thank you for visiting.  My hopes for these posts are to share my love of painting.  Especially for children.
Perhaps share some how to's along the way.
Stop by the gallery where new photos will be updated frequently!

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