Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Had a wonderful evening with my son last night baking cupcakes!  It was so great to just de-stress with him and have fun....after making a few cakes for others recently and the stress that goes along with that.  We made a few turkeys as well.  Not the typical turkey, but sugar dough turkeys!

Don't stress... ANYONE can do these easy little turkeys.

Roll out three balls of brown fondant. One big and 2 smaller.
Roll the 2 smaller balls into cone shapes and pinch one end to make the turkey legs.  Add a tiny ball of white to those ends for the bones. 
Simply use some water and carefull pinch them to the larger ball (the turkey).


These turkeys were done in under 5 minutes!

My turkeys turned out pretty well, I was happy with them.

But oh, I learned a very valuable Thanksgiving lesson last night.
Spending time with your kids is WAY important.
I spend valuable time - many many hours stressing over the cakes I do for others...the scrutiny I put myself under for the perfect cake decor.

That's all well and good.  I do luv what I do.
But my favorite turkey cupcakes were not my own.

Austin's cupcakes were my absolute FAV!
My  year old's turkey cupcakes are my favorite EVER!

His happiness and creativity are of the utmost importance.
The works of edible art we made last night are WAY better than any other cake I've done recently!
The imperfectness of them makes them SO perfect to me.

Anyway...please give thanks for your blessings today and everyday!

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