Monday, June 20, 2011

Boys Craft Too!

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Wanted to share two crafted items my little man Austin recently made for me.  Before school let out last week, they had a celebration for Pennsylvania.  They had been learning all about our state this year.   I love this little clay statue he molded.  Complete with rivers and mountain.  Now, don't ask me what the orange dots are for because he doesn't know either.  He said, the teacher just said to put them there!  Hey, at least he follows directions!

 My favorite is this little corn husk doll he crafted.  It sits in my kitchen to remind me every day how his little hands can create!

Isn't it precious?

I sometimes forget that those little hands are talented at more than baseball and football and all other 'sport' activities.
I may be biased but I do think he's quite talented.

Isn't he a cutie?

    (don't mind the cheek full of - what else, but sunflower seeds! )

I've been thinking alot about which direction I want this blog to go in.  I absolutely love to share the little things we create around here with you but I also feel that it needs to evolve.  Should we host some parties here?  Should I have theme days...

I'd love to know what you think.
What would you like to see here?
What would keep you coming back?


andie jaye said...

i LOVE that cornhusk doll! seeing that cheekful of seeds makes me want some grape big league gum!! theme days could be fun! mamarazzi has a few of them. one of them is the happy list on friday. parties are great, but are a little bit of work (but great networking).

i'll tell you though, it doesn't really matter what you do. i come back for you, lovely lady :)

hope all is going better for you.

Esther is not-quite-perfect said...

I love parties! I've started my own, not-too-popular-yet linky party. But then I'm brand spanking new at this blogging thing...
I particularly like themed linkies. *just my 2ç*

Emily said...

I think you do what feels best to you. I'll still keep coming back because you make me laugh and I love your blog. Just do what comes natural!

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