Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will you still Like Me if I just be Me?

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Will you still like me if I just be me?

When this blog journey of mine started, I wanted a place of my own to share my crafts.  I wanted to show the world my painting and my DIY... make a few friends who shared that passion that I hold deep within me.  I don't have that in real life... many of my friends wouldn't know what to do with a hot glue gun if it burned them in the ass {I still love you all}.  I didn't want my blog to be about the real me.  The sometimes crazy, lonely, emotional wreck of a woman I tend to be.  I didn't want it to be about my husband or my kids... everything I do is about the kids.  I wanted to focus on perfection... a perfect painting, the perfect color, the perfect chair, the perfect recipe, perfect perfect perfect...

The problem is {for me} is that many {not all} of the big DIY blogs are just that, all about DIY and living a perfect life.  I will not quote nor name names but one big blog I follow recently stated something like this  'us crafty bloggers just want to look at crafts and show off what we've done... we don't blog about the drama'.  Now, that's all well and good and I suppose that's what I thought I wanted too when I started T&B.  We all have enough drama in our own lives and crafting blogs may be the escape many need from that drama in real life.  Problem is, I am so much more

What do you do when you're not feeling all that crafty?  Or happy? Or you're just in a dramatic place?  When you focus so hard on making everything seem so...PerFect, there isn't much room for error!

One of the ideas that resounds in my mind from researching hints for building a better blog is this...

" Be YOU, write from your heart.  People read blogs they connect with on some level."

There are so many blogs in every genre;  chances are what you are writing about isn't exactly original.  I know that I'm not the only painter in the world and I'm certainly not the only one who blogs about it.  One only needs to see so many different ways to paint a birdhouse or sew a curtain.  What keeps me going back to certain 'must read' blogs is the person behind the blog.  A connection I've found with that person in some way... even if they don't know it!  Someone who's faith or parenting, or humor inspires me.  People who write blogs that somehow expresses who they are between the painted orange walls, hand made chatchkeys, and kick butt sensory bins are those who keep me coming back.

I have convinced myself in a multitude of ways that you do not want to hear my story.  Perhaps many of you don't and I'm sure I will lose a few followers along the way, but I'm also sure some of you do.  Seems that my idea of having a blog all about me... is well... just not working unless I share the parts of my life who make me who I am!  I am so much more Truth be told, I hadn't picked up a paint brush since high school until the birth of my daughter.  If it weren't for her I don't know that I would have even rediscovered or allowed myself to experiment with that creative side again. 

So my question remains:  Will you still like me if I just be me?

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Tiaras and Bowties will always have DIY and paint and general craftiness and welcome those who share that with me.  You will see some changes though,  I am hoping to share a bit of what it's like to be a Special Needs Mommy- from my perspective.  It's WHO i AM!  The good the bad and the very very ugly too!  I hope you will continue to stick around.  I hope to find some other SN Mommies too so if you know any please let them know I'm looking for them!  {Regular mommies are welcome too}.


Andie Jaye said...

no, i won't like you if you just be you.

i will LOVE you if you just be you!

you said so many truths! most of the blogs that i read are because of the person behind the blog. many of them show their goofs. alot more of them, i'm in forums with, so i know their insecurities, questions, and worries...

maybe we both should do a vlog post?

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Of course I will love you for just being you! That happens to be one of my favorite things about you! You have shared so much of yourself with me through e-mails that I feel like I have gotten to know the real Kim.

I struggle sometimes with sharing the personal stuff on my blog, but back when ABF was first diagnosed with cancer my Mom asked me if I was writing about any of it, because writing has always been an outlet for me. I realized that I hadn't, but I'd just started my blog and came to the conclusion that I'm going to write whatever my little heart desires and if people don't like it, they don't have to read it.

When you're going through the tough stuff in life, it's nice to have an outlet. Give me your worst, Kim, I'm not going anywhere :)

Rona Gregory said...

Oh my goodness Kim! I sobbed when I read this...I am so there with you, you may as well have been writing this post for me! I tried to sum up the same feelings in my last post but not as well as you have!

And yes I will still be here reading ALL your future posts and getting to know (and love) the real you!

You are right the big 'perfect blogs' about DIY are fab, but the ones I visit every post are the ones that are written by people I feel I have got to 'know'. I know about their family, where abouts in the world they live, I know when they are down and I know when they are happy, and I treat them like friends. I e-mail them to ask how they are feeling, to wish them well, to congratulate or sometimes just to chat. I refer to them as friends even tho we never met...and that's because they blog about EVERYTHING, the good and the bad, not just the perfect DIY/Craft or whatever!

Have a fab weekend! xx

Roisin said...

Yes, just be yourself. It's you who writes the blog, shares the creative ideas; like you, I enjoy the blogs where I feel I can connect with the person writing. I've often wondered how you do it--being a special needs mom must be very challenging. Your sharing some of your worries, problems, etc. will give you a chance to unload a little bit, give others a chance to know you better, and give us an opportunity to encourage you when you need it. God bless and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

I'm a SN mommy. Today was my son's IEP meeting, and once again I came out feeling like I'm the only one who sees what a wonderful little boy he is. I'm a Special Ed teacher--I know all the "jargon". I also know he's my little boy. Please tell us about your life. I need to hear it. I need to hear that it's OK to see my Patrick for who he IS. Not who some psychologist who spent an hour with him says he is. I just found you today. I think it was God's gift to my Monday.

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