Thursday, June 7, 2012

Confessions of a Not so Perfect Mommy Blogger

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I love blogs that make me laugh!  While stalking this morning I ran across a blog I had never read before, Mommy with Selective Memory.  Her post Confessions of a Not so Perfect Mom Blogger was about things she would never normally share on the blog, such as pretending she wasn't aware her son pooped in his diaper for a while because she wasn't feeling up to changing it and her joy at putting the kids to bed just so she can have some adult time to catch up on the Real Housewives... I almost pee'd my pants at her humor. 

So today, I'd like to shake it up here on T&B... just for fits and giggles, and share a few bits about myself that typically wouldn't make it here on the ol' blog!  Hey I told you it wasn't all perfect here!

10 Confessions of a Not so Perfect Mommy Blogger
{besides being the most forgetful person in the entire world}

1.  I have worn the same jeans for sometimes 3 days in a row and I don't own an ironing board.

2.  My kids have actually cried because "we're having McDonald's again!"  Yes, we have eaten takeout for an entire week because I was so wrapped up in linking and stalking blogs that I've neglected to defrost food for dinner... I'm working on a real cooked meal at least 5 out of 7 days now!

3.  I dislike- no I despise putting laundry away... most of the time it's washed and folded, then left on the bed, which gets shoved to the floor where it... sits a while!

4.  I am utterly terrified of spiders and bees.  I will run the other way screaming like a pampered little girl {yes, leaving the children behind to defend themselves}.  Bees hate me, the old "stay still and it will leave you alone" does NOT apply to me.  They will go out of there way to land and sting!

5.  Last summer, I think I allowed my kids to go over a week without showering!  It dawned on me that I couldn't remember the last time the kids had taken one... felt like a big arse.  Hey, the pool counts, right?

6.  I refuse to empty the dishwasher and will leave them for the hubby to put away, feigning surprise that I didn't know they had been run!

7.  I smell things.  I mean I smell everything.  I won't eat til I've smelled the food both before and after cooking.  I smell clean cups fresh out of the dishwasher or the cabinet.  I think it's an OCD thing.   I have to smell clothes before I'll put them on, even if I just washed them... Drives hubby insane.  Me running around the house yelling "What's that smell?" when something strikes my sniffer the wrong way... even though no one else smells a thing!

8.  I will not eat the end of a french fry.  Don't know why, but, each and every fry will be eaten top down to the little nub that is held between my fingers then discarded back to the plate.

9.  I want to be a Real Housewife of somewhere!  Hee Hee... that series is my addiction!  I am really not a vain person, but I'd love to dress up pretty everyday with my hair perfectly coiffed and have lunch with the girls, travel to exotic places... have big parties and wear a ton of bling!  The horrors of not knowing whether to get Botox today or a boob lift!

10.  I am not proud of this one... I have a hot headed temper and usually my family takes the brunt.  I have been known to "freak the f out" a time or two... usually prompting dear little Alexis to shout back at me "You R Mean!  I've had enough, you need to check yourself!"  Usually she just ignores me... but She can instantly change my attitude... and I am NOT afraid to say I'm sorry!  {at least to the kids, Jim, well... he doesn't usually get as many apologies, oi vay}

Feels good to get that out!  Ha Ha... so what are some of your "secrets" you hide from the blog world?  Feel free to share... I won't tell {wink wink}

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Katie Norris said...

You are sp sweet!! Thanks so much for mentioning me!! And I love all of these!! My favorite is the dishwasher!!! ;-)

Thrifty Miss Smith said...

lol this is great! Thanks for the smiles :)

Rona Gregory said...

LOL! You are so funny!

yes I remember someone telling me to sit very still when a bee landed on my hand. I did, I sat very still and very calm... for my reward I got a nice sting in the back on my hand!

It set me thinking...I have a few funny quirks too lol! Think I know what my next post will be! some of my antics would make your hair curl!

Hope you're having a great week, apart from being naughty and getting yourself thrown out haha!

Ro xx

Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting...we all have our dirty little secrets, don't we? I especially relate to the laundry...I can wash it, dry it and fold it, but I lose my mojo when it comes to putting it away.

I will confess that yesterday I was tidying up and putting EVERYONE else's stuff away and I actually pitched my husbands shoes up the stairs. I could have hit a child...they were playing in a nearby room. Why can't people put away their own stuff?

Following you now!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

This is too funny! I totally wear my jeans at least 3 times before washing them and I am that women like you screaming and running away from bees and spiders, leaving my kids to fend for themselves. I make my kids kill spiders for me! Lol

Thanks for linking up to the Mingle With Us Blog Hop this week adn following me. I am following youb back. :)

Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor said...

This just totally made my day!!! I am so glad there are other blogger mommies out there that are not perfect in every way!! I love the one about dinner. I have been guilty of this as well. Just getting to caught up in all the blogs out there!! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Thursday's Temptation.

Lauzi said...

Oh thank you for sharing this! I just had a really good belly laugh at the end of a really rough day! Motherhood ain't perfect, and the reality isn't pretty, but we wouldn't change it for the world, would we? Thanks so much, following you now :D

Lauzi @ Happy Little Munchkins

Paula Boudreaux said...

Love it love it love it!

I am totally with you on that smell thing!

I sniff everything too, I have been known to cook a whole meal, and then not eat it myself because "It smells funny"...yet I feed it to the kids!

Thanks for a good laugh!

andie jaye said...

well, i've just learned more about you, didn't i? haha! love this post! your laundry comment made me think of something i saw on pinterest about not feeling like folding the clothes, so just restarting the dryer :)

Heather Kaluf said...

I laughed and this is a great post. I as well am horrible about putting the laundry away. We have tall baskets and I will fold the clothes and put it all back in those baskets and I find ourselves searching for our clothes in those baskets. Also I leave the dishwasher after it has been ran and wait for Andrew to put the dishes away. hehe! I am now following you. :)

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