Saturday, May 5, 2012

End Blogger's Guilt!

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Do you suffer from Blogger's Guilt like I do?  If so, lets put an end to it mmmK?
Just what is Bloggers Guilt you ask?  {caution: you may not see this one in websters}

Bloggers Guilt: Feelings of shame, embarrassment or remorse when one feels they have not provided enough time, content, and knock your socks off creativity on one's own blog or comment love toward another's blog.

It's that nagging feeling in your head that you've let yourself down, someone else down, or failed completely.  I can attest that I feel this about you?  SEriousLy,  what expectations have you set for yourself and your blog?  Are they realistic for you?  Can you keep up with the schedule you have created for yourself?

This Momma is trying to come to grips with the fact that I cannot write 7 posts a week {shoot I'm having trouble with 2}, link up to umpteen million link parties a week, comment on a couple a hundred blogs I WANT to visit every day all while meeting the needs of the family.  Hey, the hubs wants clean socks... and the kids would like more than spaghetti-O's every night for dinner {believe me when I tell ya mine are actually sick of eating Micky D's!}.  I have added stressors of caring for a medically needy child, MIL, and Dad.  Heck, the dog even has a seziure disorder and needs momma's lovin at unexpected times.  Finding balance is hard!

I have been know to guilt myself for not enough content on the blog, not enough items in the shop, not enough time in the day... blah blah blah!

So how do we put an end to it?

Join Me as I share some helpful bits of advice with you on my own journey to end Bloggers Guilt!
Today lets look at our first Tip- Goals for Your Blog.

 Re-Examine your Goals!  Whether you are new to blogging or already have an established blog home, take a moment to examine or re-examine your blogging goals.  What are you hoping to accomplish with your blog?  Is your main goal to establish yourself as an expert in your skill?  Are you promoting your business?  Will you be writing a personal or semi-personal blog sharing tips, tricks, crafts, DIY because you want to SHaRe in a community of others like you and make a few friends along the way?

   * Be real with yourself... If you dream of having a MeGa blog, the Blog of All Blogs with thousands upon thousands of followers and want to quit your day job making mucho bucko's from your blog, know that 1or 2 posts randomly posted here and there may not be enough to support that goal.

   * Having consistant content is a must to grow your blog.  That does NoT have to mean writing 5-7 posts a week.  Even writing just one or two is a good start to growing your blog.  Provide your readers with meaningful content... don't just post fluff.  Fluff here and there is okay so long as you continue to engage your readers with some good old fashioned knock your socks off stuff on a pretty regular basis. 

   * If your goal is to promote your business or to simply share with others in a non-competetive friendly & social way; you can accomplish a successful readership as well.  Can you commit to 1-2 posts a week?  Great!  Just don't commit yourself to 5 and stress yourself out... creating more guilt, when you know you are not able {for the right now}. 

Please join me as I examine and share the many facets of blogging over the next few weeks and how to overcome Bloggers Guilt while having the Blog of our Dreams!


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til next time,

PlaCes I PaRTy! {here}


Emily said...

I totally agree with you. I have bloggers guilt all the time. I think I need to just chill. Thanks girl!

Rona Gregory said...

Right up there with you Kimberley and Emily! I started out because I love writing, I love sharing and I love making people smile. Then I got caught up in the whole Blog thing, gradually finding more and more big successful blogs that I tried to fit in with, to become one of the gang. My focus became narrow it felt like I had restricted myself to only blogging about stuff I made, and consequently if I didn't make anything (like when life took over) then I didn't blog. Then I felt the guilt/failure thing!

Now I'm trying, like Emily, to chill.

Jenni Fischer said...

You're right. Balance is a challenge. I was wordless all week last week on the blog because of Screen Free Week, but felt awful about it. But, when I try to do great content almost daily, I sometimes end up feeling burned. Balance, balance, balance is key.

Kimberly Sminkey said...

Thanks Jenni... I know I've been struggling with the whole balance thing recently too! We'll all get is sooner or later!

Kali at The Vintage Milk House said...

Right there with you ladies! Balance is key and priorities are a must! Great post Kim! thank you!

Shiloh said...

So true! I get stressed so often, but then I remember that my family and "real life" always have to come first, and if they are, and the blog drops, it's ok.:)

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